Tim Cousins

Tim Cousins

Job Title: Accounts Team Leader

Location: Widnes Town Hall

Department: Accounts/Finance Department

Contact Email: accounts@forsterdean.co.uk

Having joined Forster Dean in 2001 I have become the senior most experienced member of the accounts team. Building up a vast knowledge and experience within the company. My responsibilities changing over the years from general day to day running of the accounts to a more senior role authorising payments and overseeing our youthful Accounts team, so we can provide a smooth and efficient professional service.

When I don’t have my suit on, I…
When out of work I like to play golf and football, watch films, listen to music and socialise with family and friends. I also have a keen interest in Motor racing and cars.

Best Purchase? My car.

Worst Purchase? A watch that never turned up.

Favourite song? Take me to church – Hozier.

Red or blue? Red, Red and still Red. (Liverpool FC)

Favourite TV show? Game of Thrones.

Wine or beer? Craft Beer in general.

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