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Public Transport

If you get hurt while on Public Transport e.g. Trains, Taxis, Buses, coaches, you may be entitled to claim against the company that runs the transport business.

In order to establish liability against the Defendant, it is for the Claimant to prove, on the balance of probabilities that the defendant acted negligently and that negligence resulted in your accident. Even then, it is open to the Defendant to prove that they have not been negligent and acted as any reasonable person would have done in the same situation.

For example: you are standing on a public bus, the bus swerves or stops short, and you get thrown to the floor and injured. Just because the bus swerved or stopped short and you got hurt does not mean that the bus driver was negligent. If, for example, a child ran into the street unexpectedly, and the bus driver had been driving at a reasonable and safe speed beforehand, the bus driver may well be found not to be at fault. But if the accident occurred because the bus driver had been talking with a passenger, the bus driver will likely be found negligent.

Should you be involved in a bus accident we would advise that you notify the driver and the depot, make a note of the route number, Vehicle Registration Number and drivers name if possible. We would also advise that you keep hold of your bus ticket as evidence that you were on the bus at the time of the accident. Make a note of any witness details and whether or not there is CCTV footage on the vehicle.

Accidents involving a Taxi, we would always advise that the passenger takes a note of the driver licence number, Vehicle Registration Number and ask for a receipt with the drivers details on.

Following any kind of accident we would always advise that you seek medical treatment and report the incident to the transport operator or police.

If you have suffered an accident on public transport – please make an enquiry with us.

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