Lyndsey O’Neill

//Lyndsey O’Neill

Lyndsey O’Neill

Job Title: Legal Assistant

Location: Widnes Town Hall

Department: New Business Team

I have a Foundation degree from Huddersfield University obtained in 2011 and a BA (Hons) Degree from Liverpool John Moores University obtained in 2012. I also have a Graduate Diploma in Law from Chester University of Law obtained in 2014.

Key expertise and experience:
I have worked in Personal Injury and Criminal Law since graduating.

Best purchase? A holiday I brought for my parents for Christmas. It was a surprise and they were over the moon!

Favourite song? I haven’t got a favourite song. I enjoy most music genres.

Favourite TV Show? Family Guy.

Wine or Beer? I don’t drink wine or beer but enjoy a cheeky cocktail or two when I’m out.

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