Abbey Hoxworth

Abbey Hoxworth

Job Title: Legal Assistant

Location: Runcorn

Contact Email:

I have worked at Forster Dean for four years, having worked in conveyancing for two years when I first came here and have spent the last two and a half years working in the clinical negligence department. I am a legal assistant in the team, completing administrative tasks for the running of the files, and assisting Clients.

Career highlights:
During my short period of time with Forster Dean, I have learnt of the importance of working in a team.

When I don’t have my suit on, I…
Usually in my spare time I am with my family or my horses, competing of a weekend with my mare or out with friends.

What is the best and worst purchase you have ever made? Best is probably my horse. Worst is also probably my horse. It depends on the day.

Favourite song? There are too many!

Red or blue? Is this a Matrix question? Blue.

Favourite TV show? Again too many… I would probably say Vikings.

Wine or beer? Beer definitely.

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