Speeding, Failure to Furnish, Totting up – BAN AVOIDED

Written by Ronan Molloy on 5th December 2014.

One of the best things that I love about my job is the fantastic reaction of clients when they get a fantastic result in their case.

Ms Anderson contacted me when she received 6 speeding allegations through the post along with an allegation of failing to furnish information whilst already had 6 points on her licence. She was extremely worried and faced a 6 months disqualification from driving.  The consequences of this would have been unthinkable for Ms Anderson.

When I attended Court, not only was the allegation of failing to furnish information withdrawn, but Ms Anderson also avoided a 6 months totting up ban and was able to drive away from Court if she wished.

Ms Anderson was so pleased with the result of her case that she has provided this glowing testimonial about her case:

“I thought my licence was as good as gone when I found out I had 6 speeding fines on the same day due to not changing my V5C and a re-occurring error.

Alison negotiated through several options available to me, she asked my desired outcome and then gave me her professional opinion on how to achieve this.

Not only did she deliver and I didn’t lose my licence but I received minimum points and fines, with no ban.

I would highly recommend Alison and the rest of Forster Dean’s employees and urge people to get in touch. “

If you are facing the loss of your licence then I urge you to contact a member of our team today on 0333 323 1830 to find out if a fantastic result could be achieved in your case too.

Posted by Expert Motoring Lawyer Alison Ashworth

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