Seeking Legal Advice After Negligence By a GP

There’s no doubt that our local doctors are some of the most respected people in the community. A visit to your GP should help diagnose your medical problem and, if not putting your mind at rest, at least you have the care framework to move forward.

Seeking Legal Advice After Negligence By a GPUnfortunately, GPs can and do get things wrong. There may be a variety of reasons for this, including negligence on their part.

Examples of GP negligence include:

  • Misdiagnosis: Your doctor incorrectly diagnosed your condition so that you suffered adversely. This can happen in cases such as cancer or conditions like meningitis which can sometimes be difficult to diagnose. It could be down to your doctor not giving you enough time to explain your symptoms or not following the right process to uncover the cause of your medical problem.
  • Delays in Diagnosis: One of the biggest issues, especially in our overstretched NHS, is the delay in effective diagnosis.
  • Wrong Prescription: A GP may diagnose your condition properly but give you the wrong medication or wrong dosage. They might have also misdiagnosed your condition and given you medication that is not suitable.
  • Poorly Executed Procedures: A number of minor procedures are often carried out in GP surgeries and if these go wrong it can be down to lack of training or negligence on the part of the doctor or nurse carrying it out.

Do You Need Legal Advice?

First of all, just because your GP got something wrong doesn’t necessarily mean they were negligent. There are obviously certain areas where it is difficult to come to a definitive diagnosis and treatment. To show that your doctor is at fault, you need to demonstrate that they demonstrated negligence in delivering the care you would normally expect.

For many people who have been the victim of poor health advice or treatment, it can be a daunting prospect to make a claim. Not only are they dealing with the consequences of the negligent treatment but there is the challenge of going up against a respected professional in the community.

While you might have certain misgivings about making a claim once you think that you have suffered from GP negligence, it certainly pays to get some sound legal advice to see where you stand. The negligence might have been so severe that you now require additional help with daily living that is going to cost you extra money, for instance.

We’ve got over 20 years’ experience of dealing with medical and GP negligence claims at Forster Dean. We operate a no win no fee service which means you can sit down with a qualified legal advisor and discuss your case without having to find money for the consultation. We’ll be able to listen to your problem, give you a sympathetic ear and some important and impartial advice on what you should do next.

There’s no obligation for you to take things further once we’ve given our advice but we’ll be there if you do want to file a claim for GP negligence. Contact our experienced and friendly legal team today if you want to find out more.