Motoring law department success!

Written by Ronan Molloy on 30th November 2014.

At the end of a busy week in the Motoring Law department, the phenomenal results which have been achieved highlight the importance of instructing a specialist to deal with a motoring case.

This specialism has led the department to a 100% success rate in positive outcomes for all the cases dealt with thus far.

One such result came this week when I attended Court to make an exceptional hardship argument on behalf of a very worried client. Not only did the client avoid a 6 months disqualification from driving, but I was also able to have an allegation of speeding dropped due to a lack of evidence to support the charge.

Such has been the case for a number of other clients this month too, including the withdrawal of allegations of having no insurance, and careless driving.

As a person who has dedicated my career to defending drivers and keeping motorists on the road, I know the importance of a person’s licence. I feel extremely fortunate that my knowledge of Road Traffic Law has played a small but important part in the lives of so many people.

If you are facing the nightmare possibility of losing your driving licence, I urge you to contact our 24 hour helpline for free legal advice on 0333 323 1830. Not only will you have the opportunity to speak to a specialist motoring lawyer to receive free advice, your call could lead to the achievement of your dream result; being able to walk away from Court with your head held high and your licence intact.

Written by expert motoring lawyer, Alison AshworthAlison Ashworth

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